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Senior PGA Coach & Custom Fitting Specialist

Certified Capto Putting Coach


Coaching Programs

  • Initial Consultation 1/2 hour £19.99

  • Pathway Program Golf Assessment 1 hour £40.00

  • One Hour Coaching Session £80.00

  • On Course Playing Session £90

  • Capto Analysis Putting Session £95


Pathway Program 

Personalised Coaching Program


For people who are enthusiastic and have the desire to improve.


Not for people who are looking for quick fixes that don’t last, the Pathway Program produces long lasting results.


You will see the Pathway Program is exciting and has proven results from players who have graduated already.


Check out the reviews at


·      No large upfront cost

·      Monthly payment plans from £80.00 per month

·      Four-month commitment

·      Long lasting results

·      Video Analysis & Ball Flight Data on EVERY shot

·      Online Player Training Space

·      Practice Plan

·      24/7 Support

·      Join an exclusive golfing community of like-minded golfers 

·      Play in The Pathway Series golf events


“I read about Jude’s Pathway Program, it sounded different and something that I’d like to decision ever! Jude is down to earth, makes you feel relaxed and a brilliant coach! The video analysis has been eye opening and a real game changer!”


Book your assessment today!


" In one year my handicap went from 12.3 and is now 8.4, the lowest I've ever been!
Thank-you Jude "


"My lowest ever score of 80 at St.Augustines.  That's 6 under my handicap!
Thank-you Jude"


"What a difference a week makes.  42 points at Broome Park!
Thank-you Jude"

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